Malta Bank Accounts

Are you looking for a stable European Union country with excellent offshore and banking tradition, reliability, expertise and long-established merchant tradition?

Then the answer might be that of Malta.

This island state offers one of the most comprehensive offshore "packages" for all those seeking a base for their estate interests! Please don't forget that it also offers the LOWEST TAX RATE in Europe e.g. no more than 4.5% per year for its International Business Companies (IBCs) and 0.0% for its shipping/yachting companies!

We can open both Personal & Corporate Bank Accounts with the Bank of Valletta (the most prestigious banking institution of Malta) under the following considerations:

- Certified/Apostilled copies of the corporate-kit (Certificate of Incorporation; by-laws and Good Standing Certificate)

- Certified/Apostilled copy of the applicant's passport

- Utility bill or bank statement to verify the residential address

- Bank Reference Letter

- Our fees Euro 850.00

This Account comes complete with Internet banking, ATM Card etc

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