Seventeen (17) U.S. States to Incorporate a Limited Liability Company

The United States Limited Liability Company (LLC) is not a partnership or a corporation. It is a distinct business entity that offers an alternative to partnerships and corporations by combining the corporate advantages of limited liability with the partnership advantage of pass-through taxation. U.S. LLCs with non-resident members and which conduct no business in the USA and which have no U.S.-source income are not subject to USA federal income tax and are not required to file a USA income tax return. U.S. Limited Liability Companies are popular vehicles for conducting international business.

We offer U.S. Limited Liability Companies from the following 17 States:

  • State of Arkansas
  • State of Colorado
  • State of Delaware
  • State of Columbia
  • State of Florida
  • State of Kentucky
  • State of Maryland
  • State of Montana
  • State of Nevada
  • State of New Jersey
  • State of New York
  • State of Oklahoma
  • State of Oregon
  • State of Texas
  • State of Utah
  • State of West Virginia
  • State of Wyoming
U.S. Limited Liability Companies that conduct no business in the recommended states of formation with non-resident members are generally not subject to state income tax and are not required to file a state income tax return

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