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Saint Vincent & Grenadines Offshore Bank Accounts

A better banking "solution" than a Saint Vincent & Grenadines Offshore Bank Account?

Saint Vincent & Grenadines offers many advantages for all those seeking a reliable Bank Account based within an established Caribbean banking center with long tradition of offering corporate/banking services to an international clientele since the '50s.

Available are personal Bank Accounts as well as corporate ones with one of the Offshore Banks that are established in this jurisdiction

The requirements are the following:

1. Personal Bank Account:

- Certified copy of passport or government issued photo ID (e.g. official Driver's License) - Certification may be obtained by Notary Public; Apostle; Attorney

- Copy of recent Utility Bill

- Bank Reference Letter and/or submit the first page of a recent Bank Statement and the first page of another Bank Statement which is 6 months or older (from the same Bank)

- Bank Contract & Source of Funds (to be provided by introduced Bank)

- Our fees (EURO 700.00)

2. Corporate Bank Account:

- Notarized copies of the entire corporate package (Certificate of Incorporation; Memorandum & Articles of Association; Good Standing Certificate) - including Corporate Resolution detailing authorized person(s) (this Resolution should delegate the responsibility of the authorized person(s) to open the Bank Account and any other related activities/services with introduced Bank)

- Notarized copy of the passport of the applicant/beneficiary/authorized person

- Utility bill or banking statement (original) in order to verify the residential address of the applicant/beneficiary/authorized person

- Our fees (EURO 700.00)

We can provide this Account within 48-72 hours after receiving all above (complete with e-banking, ATM Debit/Credit Card etc)
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