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Belize Offshore Bank Accounts

A better banking "solution" than a Belize Offshore Bank Account?

Belize offers many advantages for all those seeking a reliable Bank Account based within an established Central American banking center with long tradition of offering corporate/banking services to an international clientele since long ago.

Available are corporate Bank Accounts with one of this jurisdiction's Banks.

The requirements are the following:

- Notarized copies of the corporate package (Certificate of Incorporation; Memorandum & Articles of Association; Good Standing Certificate; Incumbency Certificate depicting the Shareholders/Directors/Registered Office)

- Letter of Undertaking (applicable in the case of Bearer Shares - stating if ownership of shares changes the Bank will be immediately informed in keeping with its obligation to know its clients)

- Notarized copy of the passport of the applicant/beneficiary

- Utility Bill (not older than 3 months) in order to verify the residential address of the applicant/beneficiary)

- References (An original reference is required on each beneficial owner, signatory and director to the account. Original Reference from a Bank is preferred, alternatively from a practicing attorney or a certified accountant is acceptable. Reference should be recent and issued not more than 3 months ago, prepared on the entity's official stationery and should indicate at least the following: period of relationship for minimum 2 years; type of relationship conducted; status of relationship)

- Application Forms submitted (to be provided by the Bank)

- Our fees (Euro 700.00)

We can provide this Account within 48-72 hours after receiving all above (complete with e-banking, ATM Debit/Credit Card etc)
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