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Panama Bank Accounts

The Republic of Panama as a world class banking centre offers many advantages for all those seeking a reliable Bank Account based within an established banking center with long tradition of offering corporate/banking services to an international clientele since the early days of the 20th Century.

Panama's bank secrecy laws are amongst the best in the world.

The U.S. dollar has always been the official currency of Panama since it was created in 1903. No foreign exchange controls if you are a U.S. resident wiring money to Panama banks.

Panama now is the wealthiest of the Central American nations with annual per capita income 43% higher than the regional average for all of Central America. The local economy and real estate market is currently booming!

The Panama Flag is being hoisted by more than 12,000 merchant marine vessels making Panama the undisputed maritime king of the world. A similar number of large pleasure boats are also taking advantage of the unique benefits of its Flag worldwide.

Large foreign community living in Panama positively affects the local economy.

Panama's autonomous, independent government refuses to compromise its tax competitiveness for the benefit of other countries.

Panama guarantees financial privacy through anonymous corporate bearer shares, nominee directors, and secret bank accounts.

Asset Protection choices are available to investors including Offshore Corporations, Trusts, and its unique Private Interest Foundations. "Off the Shelf" corporations already set up are available for fast investments.

Tax Free Zones for manufacturing, shipping, and high-tech businesses, including the second largest free trade zone in the world (after Hong Kong) and other government sponsored investment incentives.

Available are personal Bank Accounts as well as Corporate Bank Accounts with a number of the most prestigious banking instituions in the Republic of Panama (we can also provide Panama banking facilities for corporate entities from other jurisdictions e.g. British Virgin Islands Corporations; Bahamas Corporations etc).

The requirements are the following:

- Certified/Apostilled copies of the corporate package (Certificate of Incorporation; Memorandum & Articles of Association; Good Standing Certificate)

- Certified/Apostilled copy of the passport of the applicant/beneficiary

- Utility bill or banking statement (original) in order to verify the residential address of the applicant/beneficiary

- Our fees (Euro 700.00)

We can provide this Account within 10 banking days after receiving all above (complete with e-banking, ATM Debit/Credit Card, etc.)

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